Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am in Love...

...with Heather Bailey's Sewing Studio , it is to die for. With just the items I have around the house, I could design a room like that with just some paint, these items around the house and a few 2x4's. Maybe just a few of those colors. I have to leave one corner for a man to use.... ;-) Mary Esther does not care for pink either. Maybe she is just tired of the Pepto Pink that is on the walls in her room. Well, she picked it. Of course, she was 4 at the time. She is really afraid I will paint the walls of that downstairs room pink. LOL!

If I had a room like that to sew in, I might not ever come out. I might disappear for ever. I do plan, let me rephrase, Mary Esther and I are re planning the downstairs room. Ed does not know yet so don't tell him. We are coming up with a color pallet. A friend sent me photos of her sewing room with lovely colors. Inspiring ideas. :-) I am having a good time looking, dreaming and thinking.

Heather has some new fabric designs coming out soon. I look forward to seeing them when they come out. They will make a nice quilt, skirt, outfit for ME (if she will be caught wearing it) or chic mother daughter outfits.


Adrienne said...

Ahhhh, I love her studio as well!!!

Missy said...

It is beautiful! All you would need is a bathroom, coffee pot, chocolates and a photo studio handy. I would never come out! LOL!