Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mac Powell and David Nasser were on Glory Revealed Tour together. Mac Powell singing and David Nasser preaching. David is a member of our church. When the tour stopped in B'ham, David brought Mac to our church that Sunday. Of course... Mac was asked to do the special music... and Mac was a little apprehensive b/c he would not have his people there... David said "our musicians and vocalists will back you up..." Well Mac did not want to be unkind, but he has not always met with success when a local church backed him up with their 'own' musicians and vocalists.

Our Minister of Performing Arts David DeVain (dark hair and blue shirt) does the duet part with Mac. Part of the orchestra performs in the back.

They love glorifying the Lord with music.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pink Saturday

It's Pink Saturday!!! I want to share with y'all a few things I have made for DD to wear. She has long since outgrown these, and really does not like to wear solid pink anymore, but I loved the day when it was her favorite color. And she was so precious in it!

In this first photo she is wearing an Heirloom Party Dress. The pattern is from Martha Pullen's French Handsewing by Machine II. It is made out of 100% PINK cotton batiste and french laces. I also did just a little machine embroidery pieces in the yoke and sleeves. I guess to stay with the 'French "Handsewn by Machine"' bit. ;-) LOL!

The second photo is one of my all time favorite dresses. I have made two of them. One for my niece and one for DD. It is from Australian Smocking and Embroidery (I think issue #41, I will have to check) and the design is called Child's Play. I wish I could remember the designers name. If I get a chance to go look it up, I will. The first dress I made like this took me 70-80 hours to smock and embroider all the flowers. That was for my niece. By the time I made this one, I had gotten much faster and not near as picky with my stitches. This is also a black and white photograph/negative printed on fiber based paper. I hand-tinted it with photographic oil based paints. I still do hand tinted photographs. I have my lab print them up for me digitally now. The fabric is 100% PINK Cotton Batiste with an English Netting overlay based and pleated onto a bishop dress. The sleeves are pleated and smocked as well.

Y'all have a Happy Pink Saturday! And stop over at Beverly's at How Sweet the Sound and see all the other Pink Posts. :D

Friday, August 29, 2008

More Teapots and Collections

I am participating in Kelli's of There's No Place Like Home Friday Show and Tell. {Click on this link to read more about it.}
Show and Tell
Last week's teapots was just a small dent in my collection. I no longer know how many I have. Some are boxed up for seasons. Now every time I open a gift, it is usually a teapot. I love them so I do not mind. I have many Christmas ones and they are boxed up in the basement or attic and will come out in a few months. Looking at this photo at eye level, it is not displayed very well. I will have to work on that. I think you can click on this photo to enlarge it. To the left is a disney tea set from Beauty and the beast. It is for looks, not to use. DH and DD got it for me years ago. Clocksworth came to an untimely demise a few years ago on my terracotta floor. I do keep tea bags stored in the armoir in that is in the back. She is the tea caddy.

The blue set with the fall leaves is a set my mom got me several years ago. Next week it will be displayed for fall. I store it here the rest of the year. There are two milk glass candle stick holders that were my grandma's. The large milk crock in the center was one of my great grand mother's. It has a USA stamp on the bottom. Very heavy and probably 75-100 years old. I don't use it. Just wipe off the dust and leave it alone. I do not want it to come to any untimely demise on my terracotta floor. As you can see, I like blue and white. :-). And I am not a stranger to foux finishes.
The cabinet I bought at unfinished furniture and DH and I painted. I did the crackling. Did not turn out exactly like I wanted, but I still love it. I do want to tone it down some and thanks to all my new blogging friends, I now know how to do it. :-)
While the wall looks cream in this photo, it is several shades of yellow. I did a foux finish (dry brush glaze) that I just love. Several shades of yellow. However, under that particular wall of paint (ceiling paint and primer...) are several samples of foux finishes. Yep. I painted this room 2 times, did not like it. Had to prime it, found out some finishes... only ceiling paint will only cover up. (Yep ladies, when primer will not work, ceiling paint will always cover. So file that away for when you get in trouble. ) So, I got tons of samples of paints, mixed with glazes and put them in strips on that wall. That way, when the sun touched it at different times of day, I could see it and decided if I liked it or not. The combination I have now I liked the best. :-)

I also found a better photo of the chandelier I painted and DH installed for me last week.
We have 4 little birds. 3 budgies. Here is the Daddy- Tweety on the left and Mama- Candie on the right:

And here is their son, who we hatched a couple of years ago, Elvis. He is a called a harlequin. A beautiful coloration.

And here is Zoey the Grey. (If I ever get another grey I am going to call it Gandolf.)

Right now, they are all molting. I have feathers everywhere. I am also very surprised that these little fella's are not totally nekkid! But they seem to be covered! But I have a lot of dusting and vacuuming to keep up with. Life of being a bird owner I guess.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I had a different post altogether planned for today, but got motivated and side tracked by Joy's Paint Party. It was just " much fun!..." {Where have I heard that?} So I went shopping!!!!! In my basement! Let's see what I found.... Well let me tell you, a lot of stuff! But I will not go there today. Just one or two small things at a time. (Joy these projects are not black!)

Being a photographer I have a lot of frames (why I spent so much time looking at all those junky walmart frames at the Alabama Thrift Store last week, I have no idea! I even found one I donated!) and in my basement I found one that was silvered patina and there was nothing in it. One of my suppliers let me have it for a song b/c they were being discontinued and she knew I had several just like it with DD's and my Niece's photos in them. I also found some 11x14 foam core. Lucky me!!! I usually have it in very very large sheets. I thought I was going to have to cut foam core or rag board down to size and I wanted this project to go fast.

I first spray painted the frame with "Light Sage" that looks cream to me. Then I sprayed the foam core with chalkboard paint.

Then I had an idea.... Remember those old silver plate bread baskets from the late 80's early 90's? I still have them and use them. I hate to polish them. I don't know why I still have them, but before giving them to a thrift store, why not... welll...

The primer is drying on the underside of one right now. It is really humid outside so the only thing drying fast is the chalkboard paint.

Using Screaming Meme Tutorial I mixed glaze and blue paint(that I found left over from a project I did about 6 years ago) and I am not afraid (I shop in my basement! The next step for this stuff is Goodwill!) to experiment and to tone down the blue a little I mixed some toffee brown delta coat I happened to have on hand. Just a tad. (I do know acrylic to acrylic - I do fear that I should have primed or liquid sandpapered that frame first. It might have had an oil based silver paint on it. On well..)

I rubbed it on the glazed mix with a dry rag, wiped it off with a wet rag. Looks beautiful! Put a second coat of chalkboard paint on the foam core. (there are a couple of dents in it, I might have to purchase or find a new piece to cut down.)

Well the next thing I know, I have a beautiful chalk message board!

And the silver plate bread basket did not turn out too bad either!

And what else did I find while shopping in the basement! My MIL's Piano Lamp. I used a little gorilla glue to fix that arm and I think I will clean it up and put it in the dinning room. My FIL gave it to me after she passed away. I think this lamp is beautiful like it is. Some of the prisms are missing. But I know where I can get some. more. What do y'all think, should I shabby chic it or leave it like it is? This is one I will probably have to think long and hard on.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thrift store finds!!!

I went Thrifting last week. I even had to go to a fast food restaurant to sustain life! Yuck! I will have to plan better next time.

Here are my finds! I do not believe I spent a total of $20 bucks.
Some baskets, less than a dollar, 2 candle sticks $1.49. They will look nice on my dresser. Sliver plate platter. Pretty heavy. It is stamped. I think a brand Service Merchandise or someone like that carried. There is a little rust on it. If it does not clean up well, I bet it will spray paint well. ;-) And then it will never have to be polished! Several doilies.

A blue and white plate. 30% off of 2.75. There was a TJMaxx sticker on the bottom that was partially peeled off. I have a spot for it in my kitchen.

You can see a white flower pot holder in the back (it was once black, had been painted white, I just painted it black again! Show it to you later.)

I needed a plain old bread basket in my kitchen to serve bread in. This was .59 cents and it will do nicely. The doily I found at an antique shop next to a thrift store. It is hand made, not mass produced in a factory. Nice tight even stitches. $3. I snatched it up. Someone did not know what they were letting go, or did not know what they were doing. Grandma spent a lot of time on this one.

The rest of the doilies I found were factory produced like the ones you would find in Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. But I always find use for them. I love doilies.

For one of the smaller baskets, I plan to borrow an idea from Kelli's (No Place Like Home) of storing/displaying dish towels in on the counter. I tried to find the link to that post on Kelli's site, but could not. Her basket looks like an antique. I did not want to get too nice of one b/c I might spray paint one of them... I am going crazy with spray paint! Zoey better watch out! I will be spray painting her next!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dessert Time!!!

Nan R Pudd'in!

I have 2 versions, a low fat, low cal version and a fully loaded version. I have not made the fully loaded version in many many years, but I can still remember the recipe. ;-)

Not much to tell really, these are the ingredients that you need. :D

Almost forgot!!! You need 5 nearly dead ripe bananas! How could I have forgotten the bananas!

Mix the pudding according to the instructions and set aside.

Kids love making this dish. I made it as a teen. Really easy.

Slice your bananas and set aside.

Start layering ingredients in either parfait glasses, trifle dish or large dessert bowl.

Continue layering in this order: Vanilla Wafers, Vanilla (French Vanilla if you can find it) Pudding, Sliced Bananas, Lite Cool Whip. I like to do my layers thin and do 2 to 3 layers until I run out of ingredients or bananas.

Kids really like to help with this.

It makes a lovely presentation...

Best when made the day before and the ingredients have had time to meld overnight.

And is Yummy!

To make a version that is fully loaded you will need:
1-Pint Heavy Whipping Cream
*French Vanilla Pudding/Custard
1-Box of Vanilla Wafers
5-Ripe Bananas

Sugar to taste
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring

*French Vanilla Pudding-You can make a custard from a recipe of your choice or a cooked Jello brand. Prepare and cool in the fridge according to instructions before continuing with the rest of the Banana Pudding preparation.

When you French Vanilla Custard has cooled, whip heavy cream and as peaks begin to form, add sugar to taste and vanilla flavoring and set aside. Slice bananas and set aside. Now you may begin to layer the ingredients in your dish in the same way as the low cal version was done.

Sliced Bananas
Whipped Cream
Continue with layers until the dishes are full or ingredients are gone.

Just like with the low cal version, best when made the day before and the ingredients have had overnight to meld together.

When I take this dish to a party, I always double the recipe. The dish has always been emptied.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Chandelier Project

I linked up with Joy's Paint Party, but forgot to add her link in my post. I am not getting geekier (well, I was upset that SG1 was interrupted in for weather (Fay) reports yesterday) or anything like that. I am just trying to get more organized by writing my posts a few days ahead and scheduling them. Here is a link to Joy's Place. She is great with paint! And check out all the links, they are also great/masters of decorating on a dime with spray paint!!!

I have been looking for a new chandelier for my foyer for a long time. Looked every where. Let's just say, I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Furthermore, I would find these bargains. Beautiful, perfect in every way... except for the color or the size... Well, size I could not do anything about. The one hanging here is original to the house. Holds 3-25 watt bulbs and puts out no light. Is a bear to change a bulb, or clean.

But fellow bloggers, you have inspired me! Last week, I went shopping. I found a chandelier on clearance, perfect in every way.... except for color. (I never thought about doing this before blogging.) I was asking the sales man about the sales price of the fixture, and I said, "Well, it's not the right color... I know what! I can spray paint it!!!" Then I said, "Can I bring it back if my husband says I cannot keep it?" The man said, "Just don't spray paint it first." I thought, "huh?" I donno. I guess people actually do that. (I mean, buy something, take it home, spray paint it, bring it back for a refund...???!!!???) Sooooooo

$44 bucks later and a can of spray paint (actually I had to go buy some black fussion paint for the cord. The regular was not drying... that could have been b/c of Fay though). And after a little hard work from my sweet DH, I have a beautiful new chandelier hanging from my ceiling in my foyer.

This one little change has really given the foyer a different look. And I am really pleased with the result. This photo is not good. You cannot see the detail of the chandelier. And, BTW, I am not through! I have some more work to do. :D Y'all will just have to check back. ;-)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pink Saturday

It is Pink Saturday hosted by How Sweet The Sound. Here is my Pink photo of the day.

It is a Pink depression glass cabbage rose bowl. My mom gave it to me when we 'downsized her'. (she gave me a few other pieces as well, but I will save them for another post.)

And guess what? I think it goes perfectly with the pink rose that is in my Eastfair by Noritaki stoneware. :-) Don't you?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great and blessed weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My TeaPots

I love tea. Hot tea, iced tea, sweet tea, black tea, some green teas, some white teas. Fruity teas, rosy teas and yummy refreshing teas. And a girl has got to have a pot to make her tea in, right?

I am participating in Kelli's of There's No Place Like Home Friday Show and Tell. {Click on this link to read more about it.}
Show and TellAnd I am going to show you just a few of my teapots. I have them on display on the hutch in my kitchen. Many are gifts. Some are for looks. I think all the ones on this hutch are usable. That is a good thing. I like to use them. I also have some serving pieces of my everyday stoneware. I was fortunate that I selected a nice patter that was on sale for about a month before we were married. We got 32 place settings, a few serving pieces and a few odds and ends. We kept 18 place settings, finished out all the serving pieces (not all shown here) and traded the rest in on fine china. We were both in our 30's and it was a 1st time marriage for both of us. Everyone was generous.
I think all the teacups in this photo are gifts. I collect them as well, though not to the extent as the tea pots. The big blue stoneware teapot in the middle was on a clearance shelf at walmart 15 years ago. It was marked down to nothing, matched my everyday dishes and in the winter time, use it all the time. Not a chip in it.

Several stoneware pots that you see on the top shelf I purchased at an inexpensive price b/c I just needed something to brew a pot in. I did not always want to use china. ;-) One of the china pots was a souvenir from Mt. Vernon.

I have a silver plate salt and pepper shaker, tea strainers/infusers etc displayed there.
One of my cousins made the framed crochet doily for a wedding present. There are other knik knaks displayed as well. And if you notice, in the back of the buffet portion of the hutch there is a little teapot with a missing top.

It is just perfect to display flowers in.

Y'all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deco Project Inspired by Blogging!

Thrifty Decorating inspired by you! And talk about thrifty! I went shopping in my own house.

Quick disclaimer here. I took these photos with my cheapy point and shoot. It just works faster and photo shop works faster with the photos I get out of it. And you can still see some of the detail. :-)

We have many old things. They belonged to our parents, grand parents, great grand parents. We are not hoarders. We are treasure keepers. Sometimes we want to keep something b/c of a special memory or b/c it has the finger prints of a loved one gone one to be with the Lord.

After my dear MIL died, my FIL was going through some things. (Even though he has remarried, the house is much the same as she had it.) And he put some things out that he did not want anymore. This tired old umbrella stand was one of them. I needed an umbrella stand, could not find what I wanted, he said I could have it. :D

I have let it sit just like you see it, in my foyer for 12-13 years.

My intent was to let it go, when I find what I want to replace it, at a price I am willing to pay. It is one of those really '60's vintage brass things. This has some rust and a couple of dents one it. But, that adds character don't you think?
I started with rustoleum sage (will have to look at the can for the specific color) but looks like cream to me color of paint. I tried wiping it, to make the brass show thru, but didn't work. That's OK. I have another plan.

I added the "black dress" Rustoleums (sp?) textured spray in black on top of the cream. And tried to wipe away the areas where I wanted the detail to come through, it did not work like I wanted. Not to worry. I had another plan that might just work. :D

I re-highlighted with the cream and went back and sprayed the black at an angle. It brought out more of the detail of the hammered design on the umbrella stand.
Ta Da!

See how nice it looks with a collection of my Grandma's canes and my Grandpa's walking sticks? The cream paint brings out the hammered design underneath, though you cannot see the detail well in this photo. Now I need to find an handsome black umbrella for this handsome black umbrella stand! :-) And only cost a little paint.

I have more to show in a few days! I have been really busy. ;-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shopping & Thrifting!!!

School is back in session and I have a little more time to myself, so one day after going to an antique shop, I thought I would stop by Minerva's.

Minerva's is a fun shop where MacKenzie Child's meet Shabby Chic. I had my trusty point and shoot camera in my purse, so.... I took a few photos.

Rebbecca, the proprietor, purchases items from estate sales, yard sales etc, fixes them, paints them, redesigns them, etc and sells them in her shop.

She also adds a few pieces from market (Atlanta) to sell here and there. Nice little gift items.

I purchased these two little items while there. The blue colander was labeled 'vintage' though many many many years ago, I had one from Crack R Barrel just like it. I think I paid $9.99 for it. (I paid more for this one.) I loved the one from Crack R Barrel and wore it slap out. Been looking for another one ever since. I have a coffee pot that goes with it.
I also got a black photo easel. I love this one and it is very nicely made. I never seem to have enough of them. They are on every horizontal surface in the house and when I do dance school shoots, I collect them all up to display framed samples and signs on. Very handy. And this one is very pretty. I think the prettiest one I have.

She is a big chandelier re-designer. (I bet she is the reason I can't find one around here to re-do myself for my kitchen! LOL!) She usually does not allow photos taken of her shop, but I was using my cheapy camera and not taking quality photos. And I did not take photos of merchandise and designs that I knew were her original ideas. I made sure I asked her permission, I did not have my big honkin pro camera. And she saw me delete a few photos right away when she told me to make sure only general items go on my blog. I can appreciate that

A child's room, a nursery, sunroom, porch, garden, kitchen, dinning room or living room, Minevera's probably has that item you are looking for. They are located in Bluff Park in Hoover (or Vestavia you know how Bluff Park is some is in one city and some is in another..). It is about a block from the Pig!