Monday, August 18, 2008

Bird Photos

I love watching the birdies feed in the mornings, throughout the day and evenings at the feeders. They are right where we can watch them through our bay windows from the kitchen table.

We get Cardinals, Red Headed Finches, Red Headed Sparrows, Chickadees, Titmouse, and a variety of other lovely birds.

I had a watermelon that needed cutting, and you know who loves watermelon! Zoey!!! I also thought I would get a few photos birds feeding at the feeders.

Well, while we were out there, and I was cutting up the watermelon, Zoey decides to let out these blood curling jungle cries I have never heard before. (Very glad that she never never does them in the house. I do not think we could handle it.) It literally made my brain rattle! Pierced my eardrums, well, you get the idea. She would cock her head from side to side as though she was listening for an answer from the distance, then go back to her watermelon.

Of course, all the song birds around the house grew very quite when they heard Zoey's blood curling cries. I feared she would attract one of the hawks that live near by. They would mistake it for a mating call or a meal. Not sure. Many of Zo's calls sound like the shrill of a hawk flying above in the sky. And when she is fully flighted, she looks like a hawk in flight. Hard to believe my tiny little bird would have that kind of wing span. She is a house bird though. A pet. And a meal for a hawk, or worse, that beak of hers can do a lot of damage to a hawk as the talons can of a hawk can do a lot of damage to her. Then you have two animals mortally wounded. So we have to be careful when we take her out of doors.

I am sorry that the only photo of birds feeding is a
Tinmeh African Grey eating Watermelon.

And a lovely photo of a bowl full of watermelon!!!


Reynie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your smocking you did. Such a great thing for a little girl. And that bird--what awesome photos! Looks like he's loving the watermelon!

Shannon said...

Great pictures! I wish I had a watermelon right now!

Virginia said...

Love the name of your Blog and Zoey is really cute.
Blessings, Virginia

Nancy said...

those are fabulous pictures!! enjoyed this post. Nancy

Jeanne said...

Melissa, I love watching the birds too. Those are great pics to share.
Thanks for your visit to my post, and your welcome comments. I put your name in the give-a-way drawing.

Hugs, Jeanne