Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dinner Time!

It is Tuesday and I am posting a wonderful dish. It is great if you have a large family to feed or if you like leftovers. We are a busy family. I cook healthy (well you might change your mind after this one..), using fresh and fresh frozen ingredients and most of the time, from scratch. So I like to prepare meals that are quick, tasty and plenty of it. :-)

Tonight's menu (and a few other nights this week as well) is Turkey Crock Pot Roast. My husband can and will eat this whole dish in one sitting, so I have to warn him that it is for 2-3 meals or for him to take to work for lunch as well.

My family likes all white meat, so I buy a Turkey Breast Roast. It does not matter what brand. All are good. Some stores will sell "Natural" or "Organic". If you can find them and work them into your budget, by all means, get them. BTW, I usually toss the gravy packet. This recipe makes it's own and it is great like it is. You just need to strain it before serving.

Now, one thing you will rarely see in one of my meals or recipes is an onion. I am allergic to them. But just b/c I do not have them in my meals or recipes does not mean that you cannot add them if you and your family love them. :-)

Select fresh vegetables, celery, carrots and potatoes. Mushrooms are good too, that is if you have them on hand. (My mom would add an onion for the family pot, my tiny pot would be onionless, yes-the woman had to always prepared a separate dish for me...)

Clean & chop the veggies and set aside. Unwrap the turkey, rinse it off, leave the 'lattice' work around it and place it into the crock pot. Pour about 2 table spoons of olive oil on top of the turkey roast. Add some cracked pepper and a teaspoon of minced garlic or 2 cloves of crushed garlic. I do not add salt b/c most turkeys have been soaked in salt as a preservative. Read the label before adding salt.

Pour chopped veggies on top, place crock pot top onto crock pot. If cooking all day, turn on low. If cooking 1/2 day, turn on high. Leave alone and let the aroma fill the house.

Now, if your family likes dark meat, there is a turkey roast that is a white meat/dark meat combo that is really good. If you have a large family to feed, I think you can now get huge crock pots that will hold a whole turkey. You will just have to increase the amount of ingredients accordingly.

Now for the side--- Green Beans!

We love green beans and they are DD's favorite. I love to add a few sliced almonds to mine, sea salt and cracked pepper. And here in the deep south, we do not eat green beans with out BACON!!!! I know-this is the unhealthy part...

Y'all this meal is so good! For us 3, we can get 2-4 meals off of it depending on how hungry we are. Really great when I am teaching or shooting at night (I am the only cook in this house). When we have piano, dance, soccer, etc. Lots going on and coming and going. Sometimes I want to just throw something on the plate, put it in the microwave and get it to the table so we can move on. And still be healthy. This is one of those meals for us. :-)
A little addition to today's post. Zoey, our TAG (Timneh African Grey) is trying to learn how to whistle "Jesus Loves Me". We have been working on this a while. We had been working on the "Star Wars Theme", but she and I really love "Jesus Loves Me" and it is so cute to listen to her. I will have to look it up, but it seems like God's Word said something about birds singing His praises. I can tell that she really loves whistling this song.

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Shannon said...

This looks so delicious!! I've never used a turkey roast before. I will have to try that!