Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shopping & Thrifting!!!

School is back in session and I have a little more time to myself, so one day after going to an antique shop, I thought I would stop by Minerva's.

Minerva's is a fun shop where MacKenzie Child's meet Shabby Chic. I had my trusty point and shoot camera in my purse, so.... I took a few photos.

Rebbecca, the proprietor, purchases items from estate sales, yard sales etc, fixes them, paints them, redesigns them, etc and sells them in her shop.

She also adds a few pieces from market (Atlanta) to sell here and there. Nice little gift items.

I purchased these two little items while there. The blue colander was labeled 'vintage' though many many many years ago, I had one from Crack R Barrel just like it. I think I paid $9.99 for it. (I paid more for this one.) I loved the one from Crack R Barrel and wore it slap out. Been looking for another one ever since. I have a coffee pot that goes with it.
I also got a black photo easel. I love this one and it is very nicely made. I never seem to have enough of them. They are on every horizontal surface in the house and when I do dance school shoots, I collect them all up to display framed samples and signs on. Very handy. And this one is very pretty. I think the prettiest one I have.

She is a big chandelier re-designer. (I bet she is the reason I can't find one around here to re-do myself for my kitchen! LOL!) She usually does not allow photos taken of her shop, but I was using my cheapy camera and not taking quality photos. And I did not take photos of merchandise and designs that I knew were her original ideas. I made sure I asked her permission, I did not have my big honkin pro camera. And she saw me delete a few photos right away when she told me to make sure only general items go on my blog. I can appreciate that

A child's room, a nursery, sunroom, porch, garden, kitchen, dinning room or living room, Minevera's probably has that item you are looking for. They are located in Bluff Park in Hoover (or Vestavia you know how Bluff Park is some is in one city and some is in another..). It is about a block from the Pig!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

OHHH I would love that store. your finds. I love enamelware. Thanks for the sweet comments...made my day. One of the doors on the cabinet has dripping paint going down it so I thought I would have to paint it and one of the shelves is painted too. I guess who ever had it never finished the poor thing. cherry

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, it's been ages since I've been in Minerva's. Cute shop, but for a thrifter like me, it's hard to buy in a shop like that. I can do it myself! Fun to look though. I'm glad to see you are out thrifting...must be rubbing off on some of you. LOL


Rue said...

Hi Melissa :)

That shop looks absolutely delightful! I wish I lived near by.


Jeanne said...

Melissa, I always love to shop in stores like Minerva's. I like the variety of things to enjoy and sometimes, buy. It is nice that she lets you take photos. Good advertising though.

Thanks for your visits to my posts. You are in the drawing for my book give-away. Good luck, my friend.

Hugs, Jeanne

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi Melissa,

What a cute little shop. I have my favorite colander too. I'm actually looking for a photo stand like you have. I would like to use it for cook books.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful evening.

Brandee :-)

Kimba said...

Fun post! I would loooooove that store. Thanks for sharing a few pictures!

Katy said...

OH, i would have LOVED to go to that store with you....AWESOME stuff!!!

Nancy said...

OH, thank you for taking me to Minerva's...I have seen this place advertised in Southern Lady, I just drool over the ads when I look at them...I would love to go there someday. Blessings, Nancy