Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday School Lake Party!!!!

I want to thank everyone for their kind remarks about my "Kelli's Friday Show and Share". Kelli, I agree with you and JewelGirl, Shadow box would be the best way to go for displaying the cotton combs. I really did not even think of that. I had other ideas, but when I tried them, it seemed like I would need to drill "Yikes!" to make it work. Did not want to do that. A shadow box will work perfect. In fact, when my aunts and I were cleaning out my moms house (down sizing her to move into a Sr. Apt facility.) we found a partially started top. No one could make heads or tails of it and my aunts handed to me, "You are the only one who will be able to make anything out of this." I think it will be the perfect back ground for the shadow box. Add some cotton to it... Wheels are going now! Thanks ladies!!!

Saturday our (DH and mine) adult Sunday School Class had a lake party. We had so much fun! Everyone had fun! There was so much food!!!
It was good too!!! As you can see, there was not much left. ;-) You know, it was perfect. There was 2nd's, even 3rd's for everyone. But not a scrap left over. To me that is perfect! (That is the way God works. He knew just how much extra had to be brought for those teen age boys... LOL!)

There were boats to pull folks and kids around on tubes, skis and fun stuff until the kids (I mean parents) just staggered back up to the lake house in exhaustion.

DH just loves the water. Especially lake water. We used to go to the lake almost every Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

And DD, well she is even smilling for the camera! That should tell you something. ;-) {Really, I think she is part fish....I'm still looking for the gills on her body....}

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Kelli said...

That looks like a fun day at the lake!