Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding at The Hermitage

I want to thank everyone for your kind words toward my Friday 'Show and Share'. I look forward to Kelli's Show and Share every week and hope to always be able to participate.

We had a very exciting weekend. My one of my cousins got married. It was a very sweet service. Held on the front lawn of The Hermitage, the one time home of Andrew Jackson.

As always, I had my trusty, handy point and shoot camera in my purse. I was sure my cousin probably had a local Nashville photographer under contract. And I was coming from out of town. And I think she hates my, "just one more..." Well, I think everyone hates that from me. DD will not even look at me when I have a camera in my hands anymore. Sigh....

Oh well, all that to say... these photos are not bad for my little point and shoot camera that I keep in my purse!

The bride arrived with her attendants (her children, another cousin & my uncle) and father in a horse drawn carriage.

The bride was given away by her son and father.

The Great State of Alabama was well represented in more ways than one. Even though this man spoke little english (visiting from France), but he did understand "Roll Tide!"

Being hot and humid here in the 'Deep South' I was very thankful that we had a 'casual' wedding. Even though I had to force my DH to wear a golf shirt. He was glad that he did. He did decide that he would have been 'overdressed' in his coat and tie. And lightening did not strike him one single time!

The Bride and Groom repeating their vows.

Mr. & Mrs. Darren Jarnigen
or should I say
Ms. & Mr. Michelle Morse....

Two soul mates God has put together. Congratulations and Best Wishes!!!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Melissa, thanks for stopping by my blog! And I see you are a Hoover girl, so nice to meet you. I love living in B'ham & I've had so much fun meeting other girls in this wonderful city. You're a wonderful photographer.