Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fray Check is Our Friend

As a long time sewer, embroider, smocker, quilter, crocheter, crafter and collector, I have found that from time to time there is one item I cannot do without. I discovered it not long after purchasing a serger 10 years ago. And now keep several bottles of it. I keep it in sewing kits, next to my sewing machines, etc.
You can pick it up any where you can purchase sewing notions. Hobby Lobby, Hancocks, Wally World, ...

This is a beautiful crochet doily that I picked up at an antique shop a few weeks ago for $3. It was in mint condition. However, my final test was a good soak in Sunguard (Biz just a little cheaper. Works for getting out stains and anything else.) I placed several pieces in the washer on delicate and presoak. This lovely piece had a weak spot and frayed. I did not worry about it, it adds character and I have Fray Check!

Here is another item that I purchased at a thrift store next door to the antique store. It also frayed in the wash.

When you apply the Fray Check, make sure you have a piece of plastic or some sort of protective covering underneath the textile.

When the Fray Check is dry, the item is ready for use or storage. You can still see the damage. (And BTW, you can repair the damage if you desire to. I plan to do that with this piece. It is just too nice a piece to not repair.) But the Fray Check will keep the it from raveling more and meanwhile, you can use it.

Fray Check is permanent. It is also very soft and you can hardly feel it when it drys. I use to crochet colored beads or buttons on my daughters socks (to match all her outfits) when she was younger. I have made them to sell and for gifts. I have never had a pair ravel b/c of my end piece coming undone b/c I always finished it off with Fray Check. It is a good product. And it is soft enough that I can easily repair this piece when I am ready to do so with needle and thread. :-)

BTW, if you see any other loose threads when treating a frayed piece with Fray Check, treat that lose threads as well. You will be glad that you did. :-)


Kelli said...

I have a bottle but have never used it. I never know it was so handy!

jeanne said...

Wow, i have to get some of that Fray Check. I have several things I can us it on. Thank you so much for the info and demonstration.

Hugs, jeanne

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am not much of a sewer, but I have bought vintage pieces that could have used that! I will look for some the next time I am out. Thanks for the info!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I have never used it before, but I always run into situations where I wished I had some. I am going to make myself a note to get some to have on hand!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I never thought of using that to finish off crochet pieces. Great idea!

Nancy said...

Oh thank you for sharing! I need to get some of that!!! Blessings, nancy