Monday, September 22, 2008

Keeping Up With Your Favorite Blogs & New Favorite Blogs

I am relatively new to blogging. I loved the "Blog Roll" for keeping up with my favorite blogs. I have noticed that many people have their "Blog Roll" listed on a separate blog. Others have "BlogLines". I have recently tried that. Not sure if I like it or not. I like how the pages load quickly and I can read, but harder to quickly post. Now Blogger/Blogspot has a new system in your dashboard where you can follow blogs and keep up with your blogs there. My question is, which do you prefer?

Blog Roll
The new Blogger/Blogspot Follower
Keeping a Blog Roll on a separate blog

Other-Please mention in comment.


Deb said...

Hi Melissa, well right now I only have the Blog Roll. I've seen the Blog Follower but I've not read up on it yet. I'm not sure what the difference could be. I did notice that it had the feature of a block and I would hope that that would never be a feature I'd need to use. So far I haven't had the time to really look at other things. I was out of town this weekend and now I'm on my way to the hospital to visit with my new grandson. He's not gained the weight need to come home nor has he been able to maintain a correct temp but, we're positive it won't be long. Deb

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I have just added the following function to my blogroll. But I like using the blogroll and setting it to show the latest post title. That helps me know if I have already read it or not.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I have the blog roll, and also use google reader. I tried bloglines and like it too, but since I use blogger by google, I just thought I'd try google reader.

I do like to go directly to my favorite blogs, and do that from my blog or from google reader. I don't think you can make a comment from within these programs, and I don't like that.

Google reader does have a starred item feature, so you can 'star' posts that are really something you may want to revisit.
Have a great day,

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I do love's working great for me trying to keep up with so many blogs. I like being able to see the post & then decide if I want to click over & comment or see more. Helps with reading things fast and moving on. I have the hardest time trying to stay caught up on all my faves. Never ending, so Bloglines helps a lot for me. I'm sure Google reader does the same thing, just haven't tried it yet. and I probably won't add the blogroll thing to my blog, since I have SO many blogs listed.

I was over in the Inverness area for my sales on Sat. There were a few that I hit & got some good things.

Stephanie said...

Your blog is so pretty...I love the background.

I don't know about the blog roll vs ? issue, I'm still trying to figure it all out. I will have to check back with you and see what everyone else has to say.


P.S. Love the wellies!!!

Picket said...

Gosh girl...I don't know much about the terms..but I like the one where it shows you when the blog was last updated! I haven't tried any other type...course knowing me I am liable to hit a button and delete everything and then I would be in a mess! lol Have a great week!

Kelli said...

I've noticed the new blogging features, but haven't tried them yet. I love bloglines though!

Rue said...

Hi Melissa :)

I haven't done bloglines because I hear it's too hard to keep up with. I do have a blog roll on a seperate page that I just put together and I have bottons on both pages, so that you can click over and click back. I hope it's easier to keep up with, but I know that it makes my main page less messy.

As far as the followers. I don't follow anyone, but I have some that follow me. I hate to pick favorites ;)

I don't know if I helped, but I wondered this myself.

Oh and LOVE the Wellies ;)


Shannon said...

I love bloglines!! It literally has saved me hours!