Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NieNie Recovery Auction

There is a NieNie Recovery Auction going on at Today's Creative Blog.

I know that many of you have contributed to the auction, many more plan to and others are bidding. If you are not aware of it, please go check it out.

Now about the Auction. The precedes go toward the expenses and finances of a couple who were in a plane crash a few weeks ago. The injuries are extensive. Prognosis is very good. She is a fellow blogger. They have 4 children of whom family have taken over the care of. The wife, Stephanie, has burns over 80% of her body. The husband, has burns at least 40% of his body. They need prayer and money. To read more, click here

Now, go over to Kim's blog and if you have something to donate to the auction and feel led to do so, please donate. And if not, check out the auctions. There are some great things over there. Great gifts as well and you know Christmas is just around the corner!

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Nancy said...

Oh, I will check this out! Nancy