Monday, September 15, 2008

Soccer Mom

I am going to lose my Soccer Mom status. DD has had two games and I have missed both!!!

The first game, I subbed a Pilates class for a friend then ended teaching the cardio class before the Pilates class as well at that particular gym. DD seemed to be thrilled that, for once, mom (who was her soccer coach last year, well asst. coach) was not going to be there cheering or screaming at her from the sidelines....

Game 1

They won the game (though we do not keep score in UpWard) and DD scored two goals!

I missed the second game because my CPR certification is expiring this month and I had to take my recert course. Well, she was a little sad that I missed the 2nd game. The 1st game was a little independence from mom kinda thing. The second game was "OK mom, that's enough!!!" LOL!

Game 2

DD said they won, DH said that he could not tell. DD scored several goals. But the ref disqualified one I think. Glad I was not there. I do not mind confronting a ref. In a kind way of course.

Now, interesting thing. Both coaches are going to be out on practice night this week. Guess who the stand in coach is? Yep, Soccer MOM! ME!

Y'all please pray for me. I get a little intense with these little girls and expect them to play like pros. I need to show them what to do kindly and correctly with the love of Christ and make sure I understand it is just a game. Plus the rules have changed and I am not 'up' on them completely. And really, this is just a practice. The real coaches will be back on Sat for the game. I just need to do the best I can to prepare the girls. DH is helping me. And though he is very intense as well, soccer is not something he gets intense about. So he will be a great buffer. :-)


Virginia said...

Wishing you the best, coaching the team. I'm sure you'll do a great job. Also I have to tell you I enjoyed the Sunday video of your minister singing. I'm adding the name of your Blog to my list, Little Things in Life, reminds me to think of God's everday blessings. Virginia

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Melissa, Are you getting my comments I have sent? They come back to my email and say unable to I will try again! Please let me know! Great picture of your daughter! Ashley plays volleyball, and I get so nervous for her, that I am a basket case! LOL! I bet you will do a great job this week! :) I didn't know Upward had a soccer program too. Is that the same as the Upward Basketball? Great program!

Go get 'em coach! :) ~Rhonda

Picket said...

Hey girl..we never had a soccer player..all of ours were baseball and in the band! But our little 3 year granddaughter has now informed us she wants to play soccer! lol Man there is alot of hooping & hollering when this big family sits on the side lines!!!! lol lol Thanks for coming by...hope you get to try the recipe sometimes...have a great week and I hope your daughter has a great game!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

She really looks like she is in to her game.... what pretty hair she has ..... even on game day...

Deb said...

Go! DD, Melissa she's a doll. The pictures you took are great! I'm sure you will go and make this a *fun* event and everything will be fine. Deb

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I hope you are able to attend the rest of the games. LOL!

Your daughter is so cute!