Monday, October 20, 2008

Smocking Arts Guild Convention Tidbits

Our National Convention was held in Atlanta, GA at the Westin Peachtree. It is the tall round building to the right. It used to be the tallest hotel in the world!

I am a little turned around in Atlanta, but I am heading in the right direction....

A better view up ahead on the left. It is missing a few windows. A tornado (the same one that hit the SuperDome a few blocks away) blew out many of the windows at the Westin and not all have been replaced. I have my trusty point and shoot camera in the front seat of the car and I am just shooting thru the window!

My first class on Wed is with Wendy Schoen. She is one of the best fine hand embroidery teachers I know.

We are learning 'Jacobean' Embroidery with 'Goldwork'. This is her sample piece in which she calls us up in groups to watch her demonstrate.

Her stitching is perfect. And she is fast! Her designs are beautiful. The class included a pincushin and embroidery scissors case. The needle case in the background is a different class.

If Wendy is ever in your area teaching a class or if you are ever in the Greater New Orleans area, check out her teaching/school schedule. You will not regret taking a class from Wendy.

Our convention planner takes very good care of us food wise. Look at this marvolous Ceaser Salad! And yes, it was as good as it looks.

And desserts!!!!!! Yum Yum!!!! Too much goodness!

And what do you do when you get too much goodness?

Enjoy a few bites then cover it with salt and pepper! Just in case you fall into temptation....
Now who was it that gave us that advice???? {tapping chin softly....}

Table decorations one day were the sweet smocked Wee Care/Preemie Gowns. Hundreds were made by members attending from all over the states and Canada, Australia (and I cannot remember if there were other countries represented or not.) The gowns were made by hand and donated to be given to the Greater Atlanta Hospitals and I think they were also going to be divided (one of you gals correct me if I am wrong with this statement) amongst the guilds represented to be taken back home and given to their local hospitals.

I have lots more to share. Tons more photos to download, etc. I have to share my roommate's (Maja Clayton of Maja's Heirlooms) adventure and her testimony that came out of it.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hey Melissa! You mean you DROVE in Atlanta? I am terrified of the traffic there! Birmingham is almost as scary though! LOL! I have driven in Birmingham when my Mama was in the University Hosptial about 5 years ago.
Looks like y'all had a great time!

About the pumpkin patch, we are going to a place to where we live. I'm about 3 hours away from you, I think. I've never heard of Baker's. It must be local to your area.

At the place we go, you make appointments during the weekdays. So we made one and then got called back to cancel because apparently the lady didn't look at that particular day's appointments before making our's. The weekends are open to the public and will probably be very busy too.

Have a great day!

Shelia said...

Hi Melissa! I'm so glad you didn't get lost in Atlanta! I've driven from Alabama to the Atlanta airport at night and thought I was going to run over by the big ole trucks!

Oh, I love to embroidery and am working on something now. That is some very pretty work there. Precious little premie gowns. What a cute idea for a centerpiece, especially if you don't want to look or talk to the person sitting in front of you! lol

Thanks for coming to see my tablescape today!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Melissa Wertz said...

LOL! Sheila, these tables were so big and the room so full of women all talking at once, we had to holler to talk to the people across from us. So conversation across the table was a mute point. LOL!

Martha said...

Oh your pictures are great. But then I would expect nothing less. We had a great time didn't we? We didn't get to visit near as much as I wanted. Get to stitching.

Darlene said...

How neat was that to go to a stitching convention!!! What fun!!

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Missy,

It's lovely to hear from you! It sounds like you had great fun at SAGA! Love that wee care gowns as table centerpieces.

Thanks for forwarding the contact info of your friend to me.

nikkicrumpet said...

The stitching looked amazing...and it looks like a really fun place to be...BUT HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO AN INNOCENT PIECE OF CHOCOLATEY GOODNESS!!! YOU FIEND!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a good time for you, and that you were in Georgia about the same time I was.

I wish those preemie gowns would have been at our hospital when the twins were there!

I admire you for putting salt and sugar on that cake, but I don't think I'd have had that much will power!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

How is it possible to have stitches THAT perfect ...... WOW she must be the master..... I sure am in need of some instruction..... that must have been just so fun being around all the seamstress.....

Lady Katherine said...

What fun, you must of had!!