Monday, November 3, 2008

Kitchen Chandelier

Today is Tuesday Trash to Treasure Hosted by Diane of A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words. And here is my T to T to share.

Lately, I have been on a 'hunt'. Specifically, a chandelier for my kitchen. Not too over the top, not too rustic. Pretty, well so on and so forth.

My desire has been inspired by bloggers! Now I did have a desire to find a chandi for $2 or no more than $15 and re wire and re do like everyone else. A real bargain. But DH was afraid I would burn the house down. He even preferred that I just buy a new one and be done with it. But no! Non of that for me!!! (He also went pricing new ones with me... He was clueless!!! I think we had 2 different ideas of what I would be satisfied with...)

I saw this one and thought it was very nice, but ... wanted to keep looking.

Hummmmm.... Spray painted with textured paint, strung with plastic beads... that were also spray painted. It looked OK for a photo prop, but don't look too close!

This one is pretty. Pretty for a girl's room. My room! ;-) I saw one very similar to this at Lowes not long ago on clearance for almost 1/2 the asking price for this... keep looking...

My kitchen is the odd room in the house. It has cheerful yellow walls and it is decorated with blue and white. (The rest of my house is rich with greens, reds, sages, toupes)
We are getting very close with this one. Very close.
I will have to keep it in mind.

I love it, but way over the top! Too Foo Foo! Nice for the bedroom or bathroom?

Oh my, what is that under the bench, stuck under there. It has a few broken pieces, but that can be fixed. Can it be????

I believe that is exactly what I am looking for!!! None of the china pieces are broken. Has places for 16 prisims. Looks like it might need rewiring. DH wired a whole house when he and his Dad built a lake house together. How hard can it be for him to rewire a chandelier for me?

Yes! Yes!!! It is just for me!!! And yes ladies I did buy something. :D A few somethings, but I will save the rest for another post. ;-)

It needed a little straightening.
I cannot believe this beautiful Chandi had been someone's 'trash' at one time.

I love all the details. They are just lovely.
I had thought about changing out the candle parts, but decided I liked the 'aged' look. I thought it needed total rewiring. But when DH took it apart, it was totally wired. It only needed a wire from the fixture to the ceiling, a chain and a canopy. Home Depot's chains looked too 'new' and the canopys looked like plastic spray painted gold or what ever color you needed. I decided to just buy the gold coated wiring we needed, and canobolize the chain and canopy from the fixture we used to have in the kitchen. The chain was more 'aged' and the canopy was brass & 'aged'.

And two of decorative arms had to be reattached. The dealer made sure they were with the chandi. She also knocked 45% off the price of the fixture.

These photos were all taken with my point and shoot camera, but my photoshop program loads my copyright onto all my photos automatically. Please do not think my Professional work looks like this!!! These are 5 second photos with a little camera that fits in my purse. LOL!

DD and I counted 16 places to hang prisms. Though the fixture looks great w/out prisms, we think we want prisms. We will double check before we order though.

I have found some french prisms that are shaped very similar to the the shape at the bottom of the chain. However, all they have in stock are prisms with silver bowties and hangers. And I want gold and those are out of stock. I have called the company and left a message and emailed them. But they have not returned my call or email. Anyone know a good source for prisms?

I love it!!! Now I really need to get started on those curtains/window treatments!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

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Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for playing along! did a great job with the light fixture! It looks brand new and like it cost a bundle!

ivoryspring said...

Ah.... now the truth comes out, haha. I kept wondering to myself how you could resist buying anything with all the goodies you had shown in your last post! LOVELY chandelier. I am definitely a big fan of chandeliers.

p.s. Thanks for praying for my friend's husband. It looks like he is out of the woods now. It was pretty scary there for a few days last week.

ivoryspring said...

Hi Missy,

Maybe I would be able to do the quilting on that big quilt using my home machine after all - thanks for the assuring words! :)

Bo said...

Hi Melissa...first time visit for me...and boy, am I glad I came! You are a true treasure hunter and came up with a goody.. ;-) Bo

Darlene said...

Hi Melissa,

That chandi is FABULOUS!! I LOVE it and you definitely took it from trash to treasure....oh and the prisms will sparkle on that beauty. Hope you find them soon.

Picket said...

Oh I love that looks beautiful in your kitchen and so does that plate rack with those gorgeous blue and white plates! lol

Sweetie said...

Hi Melissa - Each chandelier is unique. I also like the blue dishes lurking in the backgrounds of some of your posts. This is really a great post.

ceekay said...

Great job and wonderful find! I love chandeliers!! But I buy new! Too chicken.

Pat said...

Hi Melissa!

Thanks for lookinhg at my T to T! I love your chanderlier -- it looks so unique and pretty in your kitchen! I love the yellow walls and and blue dishes you have too too as it's so cheerful.

Hugs, Pat

Shelia said...

Hi Melissa! Wow! I'm impressed with your chandie! It looks beautiful here and what a find!
Thanks for coming to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Deb said...

Great light fixture Melissa!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful's beautiful! I can't wait to see the prisms!

nikkicrumpet said...

That really looks awesome!! It looks like it was made for that spot! I think the prisms will add some sparkle and fun. Great find!

jeanne said...

Melissa, I love the beautiful chandelier. Your reveal was perfect. I was glued to your post throughout the whole process. You have some drama in you girl. Nice work.


Pink Slippers said...

Congratulations that you found one and you love it.
Very nice!

Dawn said...

Your light fixture is so pretty. I wouldn't even know where to begin on something like that. It is lovely!!

take care,

Smilingsal said...


You are the talented money saver, aren't you? I like that new chandelier, but most of all, I like those pretty blue and white plates I see in the background.

Linda Smith said...

How perfect is that for your kitchen..... it is so unusual.... I love it ... it is a match made in heaven.... oh yes..... everything looks better with prisms.... I just order 500 today.....yikes

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Melissa, I just love your chandelier! It is unique and fabulous! You truly found a great treasure! :) ~Rhonda

Mad Red Hare said...

It looks like it is a perfect fit!

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Sweet chandy! As for prisms- I have picked up several chandys loaded with prisms for 5 and 10 dollars!! I have several bowls full- if you'll come to my house I'll share!!!! (What a bribe to meet a fellow blogger!!!)

Thank you for the info on the teapot holder!

Didn't know about trash to treasure tuesday either! After November's Contentment Therapy month I would love to join this!!!



Nancy said...

Melissa, That chandi looks so good! And what a great find! nancy

Betsy said...

Love that. Great find.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Looks great! Congrats on finding and getting it!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Melissa, I just lOOOOOOOOOve your chandelier - beautiful. I jus' love them all, don't you - I'd like to have one in every room - but my house is way to tiny for that. Looks like you did a fantastic job getting it back up to snuff - it really is perfect there. Thank you for always stopping by to visit - I truly appreciate it. And I so enjoy your photography - stunning. Blessings to you. Cathy