Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Busy Busy!!!

Sorry I have not posted in a few days. It has been busy here at the Wertz house. I have photo work to get out. While we were at WDW, a dance school I shoot every year was performing. DH and I photographed their performance. They did a great job. Those photos had to be edited and loaded onto a private album for them.

I was not thinking about how busy I usually am the weekend before Thanksgiving and after with my photography business.... And I had to go to WDW one of those weekends!!!! Oh well! I have 2 parades to shoot this Saturday (thank God I am not doing Santa this year, I just forgot all about that....) and I am getting calls to shoot family portraits this Saturday as well.

In addition to taking down fall decorations, desiring to decorate for Christmas, clean, organize, shop, cook and feed the family, hand tint photographs for customers ( I still hand tint black and white photographs the old fashion way), clean bird cages, feed birds.... I am getting exausted typing this! LOL!

I did get some of my D56 Dickins Village out of the attic and put it onto the top of the kitchen cabinets before we left for WDW and last Friday, I washed our Christmas china and displayed it in our hutch. I always do that first thing.

Oh, and DD and I are making a beautiful bed for Hayward (the Magic Elf) to sleep in. He has not shown up yet. He usually does not show up until we put up the tree and decorate it. It will be nice for him to have a lovely bed to sleep in. We are photographing it as we go along. It is turning out very lovely! Will post when we are through!


Smilingsal said...

These are busy days indeed. I seem to be living in the middle of a mess!

ivoryspring said...

Hi Missy,

Hang in there! :) I am working on deadlines at my end too.... so, the Christmas stuff is also having to take backseat at the moment.

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Oh my.... you are a busy lady..... and a woman's work is NEVER done....
I am done with deadline for a while.... yahooo

Nancy said...

Oh, I understand about busy days! It's that time of the year! Blessings, nancy