Friday, December 19, 2008

Jan & Tom's Christmas Card Swap

I wanted to share with everyone all the gift cards and the goodies I received while doing Jan's Card swap. Oh what fun!!! And.... There is a Recycle Christmas Card Ornament Tut at the end.

BTW, the stack of cut up Christmas card strips with brads on each end is not a book marker. It is a Christmas Ornament. It has 8 pieces . If you spread those 8 pieces out, top one going to the left, the bottome going to the right, so on and so forth until it curves and opens into a round ball. A greata way to recycle Christmas cards. Then just hang by the ribbon from a branch on your tree. It stores easily as well.

Thank you Jan for hostessing the Christmas Card swap. It was much much fun.

Card and Tags and Goodies from Lolly@ Lolly's Nest Egg.

Card and Angel Bracelet from Lady Jane @ Lady Jane's Emporium.

Card, tags and pin from Our Bathroom Beauty Snapper Diva-Shelia - Note Songs

Card and tea from Brett @ Southern Hostess.

Card, ornament and tag from Cary @ A New Path

Lovely Card and ornament from The Hostess with the Mostest- Jan - Jan & Tom's Place

Card and Tags (Nikon cap is being used as a paper weight...) (Awtemnymf) The Faerie Wysperer

(Nikon cap being used as a paper weight) Recipe cards, book mark and tags from Card Designer and Artist Diane Knot@ Diane Musings

Greeting Cards, scrapbookking goodies, recipe cards from Designer and Artist Michelle Palmer.

Now ladies, some of you think that the stack of cut up Christmas cards with brads on each ends and a ribbon at the end is a weird book mark. I see you have not subbed to Martha Stewart Living or watched her shows as much as I have in the past. LOL! This is right off of one of her shows or mags in the past 2 or 3 years. I had to go buy a box of cards b/c I had used all my cards from the last two years. And I wanted to select something that would pack flat in an envelope.

Take a pretty card and cut it horrizonally into 8-13 strips. If it has rounded edges, as this one did, those will need to be trimmed off, as all the corners will need to be squared. You will need to measure your card and get out your calculator as the strips will need to be in even strips. ie: a 10 in card divided by 8 strips... so on and so forth.

Hole punch the top and bottom of each strip in the same spot. Make sure you keep each strip stacked on top of each other in the order that they are cut. It makes a nicer ornament when it is opened up.

Cup the bradded strips in your hand like a C then begin to fan it open. Since I stacked the left side of the card on top fan open the top strip to the left and continue to fan open the strips to the open. You will begin to see the art work of the card to take place and develop and the ornemant take on a round shape as in the photo above and below. If it does not make sense, ask for clarification. I will be glad to answer any questions.

Now your ornemant is ready to hang on the tree!

Y'all have a great weekend!


Kitty Scraps said...

Wow! You really got a lot of nice things. I used to do swaps years ago back before blogging, it was informal, there was a database and you choose someone to send to then they would in turn send back to you. You can guess how that turned out! I think when I reached the point of waiting for 4 return swaps that I just quit altogether. But on the bright side I ended up making friends with one of my partners and we've been the best of friends for years now! In fact she's coming down next year just to do my son's wedding pictures. So when people can't believe an online friendship could be real or geniune, I know completely different! Wow, I typed a book! Sorry! Anyways your things are lovely and I didn't realize you scrapped?

Jan and Tom said...

Wonderfully done, Melissa...thanks for participating!

Carol said...

Bracelet? Did someone say bracelet?

The swap looks like it was a lot of fun!

Smilingsal said...

Cute idea to recycle pretty Christmas cards!

AwtemNymf said...

Ya know- I had no idea that this was an ornament. I had thought it was like a Victorian inspired fan. It would have looked just as nice :O)
Now I get it! It's a round ornie! I will go make it an ornie and put it on my tree to enjoy for years to come! Thank you so much! I enjoyed this swap that Jan hosted! I hope she does more :O)
Happy Holidays and Thank you!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

You got a load of cards! Good for you! And thanks for sharing about how to turn cards into ornaments. Very neat!

Have a great Christmas!

Diane said...

Melissa! Oh! How clever is that! I am going to twist the pieces around right now and hang it up! What a great way to recycle something pretty!

Thank you for the envelope full of goodies!!

Hugs and blessings,

Cary said...

That is awesome! And you used the same cards that I sent out! Now I will have that card on my tree every year!!! Thanks so much! What a great idea!

Shelia said...

Hi Melissa! Oh, thank you for your Christmas card and goodies! I, too, thought this pretty was a book mark! I love this and now I may have to go and chop up all my old cards! Thank you sweetness,
Shelia ;)

Michelle Palmer said...

Thanks so much~
Wishing you the best of memories throughout the holiday season and wonderful 2009!
Merry Christmas!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

The Christmas card ornament is so creative!

Jorgelina said...

Very original the ornament.
Merry Christmas

Tamara Jansen said...

Now that's cool!


Finally..I got over to see you...and all I can say is "MOVE OVER MARTHA" has entered Blogland....I love my ornament...and WAS one of the gals who thought....I love this bookmark...and it does work it is multipurpose!Thanks for myswap goodies! Stop and see me sometime!