Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flaunt Your Red

Flaunt your Red Party Good morning! Today is the first day of Flaunt Your Red Party and I wanted to join in b/c I have soooooo much red in my house! In fact, I just took a few photos and there is no real theme. Next time, I will be more organized. :D Thank you Nancy our special Southern Lady for hosting!

First, I want you to show you Zoey's cage. Just because she is a parrot does not mean she does not need style and glam!

I made this. DH's idea, my design. Looks much nicer than the store bought parrot cage covers. And very functional for cages with playtops. The colors go with the decor in my house and I think I have enough fabric left over for a pillow...

Zoey Girl needs a pedicure and her pedicure perch
just happens to be red and matches her cage cover... :-)

I found this tassel (I have a bunch of them, most of them... deep rich red... :D)
It is hanging on my china cabinet door.

The drapes in my Living/Great room and Dinning room are also a deep rich burgundy red. I love this color. If I told you how old these drapes are, y'all would laugh. But, when I go looking for fabric, new drapes, what ever, I do not see anything I like any better and what I have is in fine shape. I found them on clearance at JC Penny's about 15 or 16 years ago. I got the tie back thingys at the same time. When I like something, I usually keep it a loooonnnnngggg time.

I have 2 of these chairs. And more of this fabric. My mom made the striped pillow years ago. The gloved pillow I bought at Civil-la-Tea in Gettysburg, PA about 12 years ago. It would be easy to make for gifts.

Now I have to include a tea pot. I think I found this at TJ Maxx (Love that place!) and the reds in this are perfect for my home.

I hope that you enjoyed my reds. I sure enjoyed sharing them with you. It is a warm cozy, soothing color. Romantic and beautiful.

For more Red posts make sure to stop by Nancy's blog~ Southern Lady.

Have a blessed weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!


Nancy said...

Melissa, Girl, your Reds are Fantastic...Great idea to make a bird cage cover out of fabric to match your decor!!!! Oh, and that chair is to die for gorgeous!!! You have done a fabulous job Flaunting your REDS! Thank you so much for joining in the fun. Blessings, Nancy

Melissa Miller said...

Well Hello fellow Melissa!

Isn't this a fun way to meet other bloggers?
I see we both adore Red.

I love your bird cage cover.
How pretty and oh so clever.
I need one for our cockatiel.

Love your Red tassel and beautiful chair as well.

Have a wonderful evening. Come and visit anytime.

You're always welcome!
~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

I forgot to tell you my sister Michele lives right next to you in B'mingham.
She's a teacher at VHHS.

Small world huh? :)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Those chairs are fabulous!

Lynda said...

Melissa, your bird lives in style! What a beautiful cover, as are all of your reds! TJ MAXX is one of my favorite places, too!

mishebe said...

Love the bird cover. mishelle

Beth in NC said...

I love your reds!!! I don't blame you for keeping your curtains, they are beautiful. I have the same curtains in our bedroom that we purchased in 1989 when we married! I guess I'll change them someday. Ha.

I also loved your red stripped chair. Beautiful!

The bird cage cover was a great idea.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful reds. I hope you'll come see mine too.


Bo said...

Hi Melissa...I'm like you...if I like something, I like it for a long time...maybe forever! Your idea for Zoey's cage is wonderful. You have some lovely reds in your home...enjoyed the tour. ;-) Bo

tardevil said...

Your reds are fab! Especially the teapot!

bj said...

Oh, my...I love those chairs !
xo bj

Smilingsal said...

Just a spot a red makes such a big difference.

Shelia said...

Hi Melissa! I love all your reds! I probably should do this too because I love red and have quite a bit around my house!
I'm so excited you'll be joining us next Thursday for tablescaping!
I so appreciate the award!!
BE a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Darlene said...

I LOVE all your reds...they look GREAT!

Joanna said...

Loving all your red! I love how you dressed up your parrots cage. It gives me the idea to make our ferrets home a little more stylish! *smiles*

Stacey said...

You have some beautiful reds! Your drapes and the chair are so classy. You are so smart to make you parrot cover too. The stuff at the store is not so pretty. :)

kimmcl said...

Hi Melissa,
I enjoyed looking at all of your pretty "reds" in your home. My family is going to Gettysburg next month - I will have to look for that store.
I also checked out your blog and was happy to see that you are also a fellow fitness fanatic! I am currently contemplating becoming a personal trainer and would welcome any advice you have to give me.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh, I love reds too! You red things are gorgeous!

kari and kijsa said...

Love all your reds! Beautiful room, beautiful details!!
kari & kijsa

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I adore the teapot and the tiebacks! Splendid.

Our Back Porch said...

I just found you through the Flaunt Your Red party that I am participating in also. Great idea on the parrot cage for Zoey! Love your red! Have a lovely weekend, and come by for a visit when you get a chance.

Back Porch Blessings,

Alisa Lucas-Brown said...

Hello Melissa or do you go by Missy? Thanks for stopping by Carolina Panache. I am so pleased to meet you. I have enjoyed my visit. It is alway nice to look at RED - my very favorite color ever! I have enjoyed listening to your music while I've visited. Good choices. I will visit again and often. Have a great Sunday and I'll see you soon.

Rhondi said...

Hi Melissa
Thanks for stopping by. I love your reds especially the teapot!

Nancy said...

Hey Melissa, There is somehting RED you need to see over at my pop on over! Blessings, nancy

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I missed out on this fun red friday thing, but I hope to join in the fun next time. I enjoyed reading your profile and seeing your red treasures. Come visit me sometime.

Shannon said...

I love all of your reds! That parrot cage cover is great!

Kristens Creations said...

Thanks for checking out my red yesterday! Love the cover for your parot's cage, that is a great idea. We used to have a lilac crowned amazon when I was a teen and my mom covered him with a sheet. UGLY! This looks much better. Great job! Kristen

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hey Melissa! Love your reds!
You asked where the tornados touched down? The one closest to me was in Salem. We laughed at the news because they kept referring to "down town Salem." There is no down town Salem! It is more like a community than a town. There's not much there but some homes, a church and a school. And lots of them (about 30homes) were heavily damaged. But no deaths or injuries that are known. I feel bad for everyone that lost their homes or businesses, especially with the weather turning cold and the snow coming.
The other tornado touched down in Tusceegee National Forrest. Not sure of the damage there. But glad it was a bit farther away from us. The first one was too close for comfort!
This has definately been a strange weather weekend.
Glad a little snow and wind didn't put a damper on important church activities.
Enjoy your Sunday evening!