Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Portugal Bound!

It has been a long time since I posted last. I am a freelance photographer (that does not mean I work for free, though many think and hope I will) and it is a busy time for me. :D And that is a "Good Thing!"

At church, I work with GA's. It is our younger girls mission program. Girls in Action. One day, during my blog surfing expeditions, I discovered Portugal Bound. It is about a family of Service Corp Missionaries who God lead to Portugal. The wife, Nina, misses Wal-Mart and Pam amongst other delicacies of the south. (Oh, I forgot to mention, she and her DH grew up in the Greater Birmingham Area, pronounced Bur-min-ham.) As a mission action project, we decided to collect a few things….

Nina, did you say you like Pam….

I sure hope! There are 10 or 11 cans there. Your story about the European equivalent costing $16 made an impact. It will take a while to get there. Because of the aerosol cans, they have to be shipped on a boat. It will take 3-4 months. I hope you have enough to last until then. Then you will have enough for the rest of your life!!!! Now to go see about getting some of this…

packaged up! I hope to get it shipped off to you in the next couple of days. :D


Nina in Portugal said...

Oh Melissa...I have chill bumps!!!

Look at all those goodies...and Pam Spray!!

Wow!! I'm so excited to see a picture before it fun!

I had NO IDEA that aerosol cans have to be shipped on a boat. Hmmm.. that's new to me....but I guess it does make sense.

I'm sorry to be so difficult.

Well you ladies (young ladies) have out done your selves!!

A big Portuguese Thank You....Muito Obrigada!!!!

Blessings Melissa...for you and your sweet girls and their families. For their sacrifices to be a blessing to us.

My prayer is that God would pour out the blessings on each of you.

We can wait 3-4 months on the Pam. Just knowing it's on it's way is a thrill!!

Thank You Again!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, What a blessing this will be for the Andrzejewski family. Nina loves to cook (dont know where she got that from)and I know she will love this package from you and the girls. May God bless you.
Wanda Williams (Nina's Mom from Oneonta, Al)

Dani Joy said...

Oh this is such a great idea! They will all be so happy!

Praise the Lord for churches who hold the ropes!

Dani Joy said...

I just checked out the ROC program at the church link on your side bar. Is that your church? Is this where you lead classes and train?
We have been praying about starting something like this on a small scale as an outreach here in Gijón Spain.

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Wow..... that is a lot...
Just want to make sure you have my new link...

Smilingsal said...

You got a life time of Pam there.

Kitty Scraps said...

Hi Melissa,
Guess what I found today in an antique store?!? Amanda Jane Smocking Pleater with 24 needles and cranks smoothly so I bought it even though I don't know how to smock or how to use this pleater *smiles* It didn't have a book so I'm hoping I might be able to find on online that I can download or maybe make a new friend who knows how to use it. Do you think $15 was too much to pay for it?
Hope all is going well with you! Sounds like you've been busy! Have a wonderful weekend!