Friday, June 19, 2009

Mosaic Crosses~VBS Craft

Our 4th grade craft was an Australian Mosaic Cross. My heart was set on Didgeridoos, but my sources for bamboo kept falling through. And what happened to all that bamboo at the $$$ Tree? Last year they had them by the cases. I never could find them this year. They never did get it at the Old Time Pottery Barn either.

One of the ladies who helped me with the selection of the crafts found the wooden crosses and plastic mosaics online.

$5.99 for 12 at S&S Worldwide.

The mosaics were also $5.99 a bag and there were about 1500 pieces per bag. We had tons left over. Some children did not use as many as we thought they would or completely cover the wood with the mosics.

Day one, the crosses were sanded and painted. This took ALL of the time allowed for the track.

Some children were creative with their painting. :D

On day 2 they apply a generous amount of glue and the mosaics.

While the glue is still wet, have an adult instructor apply the mystery part of the craft (sand). We are not allowed to have sand in the church. So.... this had to be closely guarded and secretive.

If you will notice in one of the above photos, the cross has a hole in the top. This is so you can hang it if you like. If the child wants to hang it in a window or as an ornament, they can paint the back. This is a good time to flip the cross over and paint the back. The sand should keep it from sticking to anything. We used fishing line to hang the crosses with.

Another option we gave the children is to use a 1 1/2 inch magnet on the back. If they choose this, have them place a mosaic over the hole so it will not be visible from the front.

The cost on this craft was about .65 cents per child. And another craft that will be a nice keepsake. We will do this cross craft again. And suitable for different age groups.

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Smilingsal said...

I imagine that the children loved doing this. Good job!