Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS Crafts for 5th & 6th Graders

You know, it is always hard to find a cool, challenging VBS Project for 5th & 6th graders and still stay with in budget. What I have found that works best, and it is not original with me as I believe the young lady who was in charge of A&C before me told me she did this. Take the budget you have been given, divide the number of classes/grades you have to supply and that is the limit that you give yourself to spend on each class/grade. And that is what I try to do.

We typically have fewer 5th and 6th graders, so we can spend a few more cents on a project per child. But keeping it age appropriate, fun, etc.... Some of these kids were dragged here kicking and screaming... After all, they are TWEENS!!! Some are in Middle School! The great thing about our church is we do not put a 6th grader in a dept with a 12th grader. Nor are they in the same dept with a kindergartner and 1st grader. The 5th & 6th graders have their own Department, their own minister, their own worship leaders, etc. They do not have to be with the little kids or pushed into a scene where they are not quite ready. And we must have some exciting things going on for them b/c we had record numbers of 5th and 6th graders sign up for VBS this year.

5th graders, we chose Painted Ceiling Tiles.
You can buy these by the 6 pack case at Lowes or Home Depot, cut them down to what ever your budget will allow. Kids of all ages love them. This year we selected a larger size and allowed the 5th graders to paint them.
Tempera Paints work best with ceiling tiles. You will need to add a tad of water to them.

We use the primary colors and colors the Aborigine would have used. Some of the children wanted to change things up a bit, so we had white and black on hand for them to do so.

Of course this being Hoover Bucs, Alabama and Auburn Territory, we always have to keep plenty of orange, black, orange, blue, red, grey and white around. However, I did not see much school spirit painting as I have seen in the past.

A young lady, who is a very talented artist and used to be in charge of the VBS A&C researched Aborigine art. Then she came up with some templates for the youth to use with their ceiling tiles. (Thanks Andrea!) And the children were educated on the Aborigine art and then they put their own ideas to work.

I think these 5th graders did a very good job!

They color washed the tile with a background paint one day and gave some thought to their designs. Maybe even doodled with a pencil.

The 2nd day they painted the designs.

We drilled 1/2 inch holes about 1 and 1/2 inches down from the top of the tile. Ran "springy" clothes line rope through and tied it in the back for hanging.

Ceiling tile craft ran around $1.00 per child. You can cut the cost down by cutting the tiles smaller.

6th Grad Craft! Covered Clipboards!

For this craft, we had a lot of supplies already on hand. Supplies such as scrapbook paper, fabric, duct tape, glue & paint. All we had to buy were the clipboards. And through a google search I found them for .77 cents a piece!!! Yes!!!

Since this was to be a pricey craft, we wanted it to be a "right of passage" for the oldest children. Most of them really enjoyed it. And did a fantastic job with their clipboards.
Here are 2 cloth covered ones. They were started on day one. Time was an issue here as we only had 2 days with the tracks being 25 minutes long.

Here are some others that also have fabric on them.

The boys used old blue jeans,, duct tape, really cool designs, but most of them had their names front and center and I did not feel good about putting those photos on my blog....

Here is a completed clipboard. It was done with scrapbooking paper.

Here this clipboard is completed and drying. It has the weeks memory verses included in the decoupage. We try to reinforce the Bible Study Lesson and Memory Verses in all of our crafts.

Day 1 complete the back. Day 2 complete the front.

Because we had so many of the supplies on hand, fabric donated, this craft ended up costing about .80 cents per child. Not one you could do with a large group or a small budget, but doable if you work your plan right.

We had contemplated not doing the Ceiling tiles with the 5th graders next year, but cutting them smaller and, again incorporating VBS/SummerQuest theme, using it for a younger grade. However, I have a 4th grader going into 5th. And DH and I teach 4th graders. They are all 'abuzz' about getting to do ceiling tile painting next year....

Please let me know if you found these posts on VBS Crafts helpful.

I think the ceiling tiles were a hit! And we can give Glory to God!


Linda's Blue Gate said...

Look at all that creative painting..... I can see they really enjoyed this project..

Darlene said...

Those are GREAT projects for that age group! How neat that you have a dedicated minister and worship leaders for that age group!

Anonymous said...

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