Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over the Rainbow Bridge

My DD's little Budgie hen, Candie, (right) passed away earlier today. Photobucket She leaves behind her husband of 4 years, "Tweety" (left) and one son, Elvis. (Yellow Harliquin on the sidebar.)

She started showing signs of congestive heart failure in late July. 2-3 weeks ago, had some sort of stroke that crippled her on the right side. Tweety cared for her by helping her move around the cage, get to the water and by feeding her. We attached the nesting box to the cage as it kept her from having to perch. She stayed in there most of the time as Tweety would get her food and water when she needed it.

It was a very sweet love story to watch.

With the help of a friend, DD buried her later this afternoon. Rest in peace little one.

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